The Glycotrilogy Project

Chemical Glyco-information Group

A Group of Ito Glycotrilogy project (ERATO, JST)

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Team: Kanie Group

Research target: We are developing a new method capable of analyzing single glycoprotein molecule.

Location: RIKEN, Wako, Japan

Topics of KANIE group

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Dr. Ito is the Project Leader

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Tokai Univ. Kanie Lab.

Focus area

Synthesis of carbohydrate-related chemical probes and assay of such

Subcellular localization analysis focussing at Golgi apparatus

Regulation mechanism of glycan synthesis

Structural analysis of glycoconjugates using mass spectrometry

Single molecular analysis method of glycoprotein



  1. Energy-resolved mass spectrometry (ERMS)

  1. Prepare glycosyl fluoride easy


  1. Is your sample pure?

Following contents will  be on-line shortly. Thank you for your patience.

  1. Mass spectrometry-based chiral resolution based on introduction of chiral auxiliary group

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