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I applied for a “Sepecial Researcher Program” during a period of my post doctoral position at U of A (with Professor Ole Hindsgaul). I was lucky enough to be awarded the grant and the position, a kind of independent, to work at RIKEN Inst. There, I worked with Professor Ogawa and Dr. Ito for two years.

My proposal was “Investigation of orthogonal coupling strategy allowing efficient oligosaccharide synthesis”. Right after I joined Ogawa Lab., the planned research progressed very well and got a publication on JACS within the first year. I had to spend more time for the second publication but overall the research went very well.

Please see inside the site and hopefully enjoy it and get some idea for your project.

Most of all, I spend very good time with good people there.

I thank to all members of the lab.


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Special Researcher Project

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