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Regulatory mechanism of glycan synthesis inside cells

Glycans are formed at ER and Golgi apparatus, however, the mechanism how the synthesis is controlled is not known. We aim to solve this problem by using synthetic molecule that carries reporter functionality. Currently dual functional CMP-sialic acid analogue is used in investigating sialylation process around Golgi. The investigation is a part of ERATO project (Ito Glycotrilogy project) supported by JST. Related to this subject, novel delivery system and focused proteomics will be investigated. We combine chemistry and analytical chemistry.

Organic framework

Life molecules often create networks those are deeply involved in biological functions. The essential characteristics of such molecules capable of forming network are combination of the following criteria; 1) specific binding capability, 2) multi-directional biding capability, and 3) multivalent binding capability. Having realized importance of these biological networks, we started to create an artificial network, an organic framework in another word to understand the relationship between the size and the structure of frameworks and biological functions.

Other interests

What is the basic principle or the driving force of life? Although there would be various answers to this question, an energy-related metabolism starting with glycolysis is one of important factor of life. Life emerged and continues to live on the earth, and is suffered from global environmental changes. The glycolysis is basically anaerobic process but the following TCA cycle consumes a lot of oxygen, and thus our neighbors all rely on atmospheric partial pressure of oxygen. I would like to challenge this issue in the future, based just on my belief that the environmental pressure is the one of the most influential factors in the evolution of life.

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Department of Applied Biochemistry, Tokai university

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